My husband lost his virginity to a grown woman when he was 14

A quote from Ashley Ndukwe:

Several interesting stories come in response:

For example, u/edibleharts writes:

My husband lost his virginity to a grown woman when he was 14 she was like 25-30. He remembers it fondly but I’m like fuck that if I found out my 14 year old son had sex with an adult woman I would have her in handcuffs immediately. She should be registered and treated exactly like a man would be.

Edit: Wow, some pedophile apologists really coming out of the woodworks here. How young does it have to be for it to be non consensual? 12? 11? 10? 9? We can keep going. A 30 year old man with a 14 year old girl is gross and illegal, it doesn’t matter of he’s hot. SAME with a woman and a boy. Especially teachers and women in positions of power with kids.

If girls are mentally more mature than boys at 14 then you could maybe even argue it’s worse to take advantage of boys.

And u/SirDuke6 chimes in as well:

Honestly, the amount of women who had lifted up my shirt without my consent/attention at the bar when I was a gym regular was ridiculous. I was going to the gym 5-6 days a week for almost 2 years and developed a healthy body and the way women felt the need to lift my shirt up at the bar or parties was so inappropriate. I try to be a modest person and hate attention so to have someone make me feel like an attention seeking d-bag was genuinely degrading.